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All manuscripts published in the AMRJ will be meticulously archived and made readily accessible from the journal website, benefiting both authors and readers under the following approaches:

Author Self-Archiving Policy

AMRJ operates as an open-access journal, ensuring that manuscripts are made promptly available online upon completion without any embargo period. Authors maintain the right to make their articles publicly available per the terms outlined in the CC BY-NC 4.0 license.

  • CC BY-NC

Authors published under the CC BY-NC 4.0 license can distribute and disseminate their articles across non-commercial websites and reputable repositories.

Reuse Guidelines for Open-Access Content

In the event of reposting, distributing, or reusing open-access articles originating from AMRJ, it is paramount to acknowledge the journal as the primary source of publication and provide precise citation information. Authors must deposit the Uniform Resource Locator (URL) and the Digital Object Identifier (DOI) of their published article within any designated repository.

Furthermore, authors are strongly encouraged to ensure that the Version of Record (VOR) is available within repositories, aligning with the open-access license terms. This practice guarantees that the authoritative version is effortlessly accessible to individuals utilizing repositories and consequently enhances the accuracy of citations.

Authors can disseminate their work through a wide array of formats:

  • Author’s Original Manuscript

The Author’s Original Manuscript (AOM) symbolizes the initial submission preceding the peer review process. Authors can share their AOM via various mediums, such as social media, scholarly collaboration networks, and personal websites marked for non-commercial usage. However, upon formal publication, authors are kindly requested to impart the article’s published status, accompanied by its DOI and corresponding web link.

  • Author’s Original Manuscript

The Accepted Manuscript (AM) embodies the version that has triumphantly traversed the rigors of peer review and obtained the endorsement of the journal’s editorial board. Authors are at liberty to disseminate their accepted manuscripts, contingent upon the explicit indication of the article’s status as “accepted” and the inclusion of the DOI.

  • The Version of Record (VOR)/ Published Article

The Version of Record (VOR) or Published Article epitomizes the definitive and citable form of the paper. This version has undergone meticulous copyediting, typesetting, and metadata application and has been attributed to a Digital Object Identifier (DOI). It stands as the ultimate version that has been officially published.

Digital Archiving and Preservation

The perpetual digital preservation of all scholarly content published within the scope of the AMRJ is established with the following repositories:

The journal’s content is deposited within the PKP Preservation Network (PKP PN) utilizing the robust framework of the Open Journal Systems (OJS) platform. Adopting this platform safeguards the integrity of OJS journals and their content.

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