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To ensure the preservation of published scholarly articles, Allied Medical Research Journal has implemented a comprehensive archiving and repository policy. The journal pledges to preserve metadata through LOCKSS and CLOCKSS via PKP PN, Google Scholar, and self-repository. Furthermore, AMRJ guarantees that all published scholarly articles will remain available in its self-archived account even after an accidental loss of journal data. The journal is continuously adding data to well-known repository services.

As an Open Access Journal, Allied Medical Research Journal grants authors the right to make their articles publicly available in accordance with the terms of the CC BY license. The Creative Commons Attribution License allows any scholar to share or copy the work with proper referencing to the original author. However, scholars who adapt the work are restricted from using statements like 'all rights reserved' or any other statement that would assume ownership of the work.

For published articles, a link to the journal's home page or articles'URL has been set. Entire volumes in the form of PDFs is uploaded to journal's website after an embargo period of 0 months after publication.

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