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All contributions to the Allied Medical Research Journal are checked for completeness first, and only after that are they sent to be evaluated by an editor who determines if they are appropriate for peer review. Another member of the Editorial Board will be designated to supervise peer review in cases where an Editor is listed as an author or has any other competing interests with respect to a particular article. Editors will take the peer-reviewed reports into account when making a choice, but they are not required to follow any advice given in them. A single peer reviewer's or the editor's concern could lead to the paper being rejected. Peer review findings and the editorial judgement on a paper are sent to the authors.

Allied Medical Research Journal has a policy of double-anonymized peer review for all submissions. This means that the identities of both the authors and the peer reviewers will be kept confidential throughout the peer review process. Authors are requested to ensure that their submissions do not contain any identifying information such as their name, affiliation, or acknowledgments. Any identifying information should be removed from the manuscript before submission.Peer reviewers are selected based on their expertise and are asked to keep the content of the manuscript confidential. They are also requested to maintain the anonymity of the author(s) throughout the review process. If any potential conflict of interest arises during the review process, reviewers should immediately inform the editorial board. Allied Medical Research Journal takes confidentiality seriously and expects all authors and reviewers to adhere to these guidelines. By submitting to Allied Medical Research Journal, authors agree to these policies and understand that any breach of confidentiality may result in the manuscript being rejected or further action taken.

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